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Course of order
What happens after your order?
  1. A confirmation page will be displayed.
  2. You will receive an order-confirmation by E-Mail. Payment information are included.
  3. In case you pay by advance payment, you should transfer the money now.
  4. You will receive a shipping-confirmation by E-Mail.
Important notes:
You have the choice to close the contract in german or english language.

We save the contract and send you the order information and our terms by E-Mail. You may view, print or download our terms using the follwing Link: DRAUSSEN.DE Terms & Conditions Ihre Bestelldaten sind aus Sicherheitsgründen nicht mehr über das Internet zugänglich.

If you have any question or if you meet a problem, simply send us an E-Mail, we respond ASAP.

Shipping within Germany
We ship by DHL after payment receipt, subject to availability. The delivery time is 4 days, but depends on the shipping service (DHL). The shipping fee within Germany is 2.95 €. Free shipping for orders from 50 EUR within Germany. All prices are inclusive of VAT.

Please note, DHL (Deutsche Post) will charge an extra fee of EUR 2.00 for the bank transfer. This fee is not collected by us, but by the mailman.

Shipping within Europe
We are ship to the following european countries:
  • Austria (7.60 EUR) Free shipping for orders from 50 EUR.
  • Belgium (7.60 EUR)
  • Bulgaria (19.90 EUR)
  • Croatia (Hrvatska) (29.90 EUR)
  • Cyprus (29.90 EUR)
  • Czech Republic (9.90 EUR)
  • Denmark (7.60 EUR)
  • Estonia (19.90 EUR)
  • Finland (17.75 EUR)
  • France (10.50 EUR)
  • Greece (17.75 EUR)
  • Greenland (21.00 EUR)
  • Hungary (13.50 EUR)
  • Ireland (17.75 EUR)
  • Italy (17.75 EUR)
  • Latvia (19.90 EUR)
  • Lithuania (19.90 EUR)
  • Luxembourg (7.60 EUR)
  • Malta (29.50 EUR)
  • Netherlands (7.60 EUR)
  • Poland (13.20 EUR)
  • Portugal (17.75 EUR)
  • Romania (22.00 EUR)
  • Slovakia (Slovak Republic) (15.80 EUR)
  • Slovenia (19.90 EUR)
  • Spain (17.75 EUR)
  • Sweden (17.75 EUR)
  • Swizerland (9.95 EUR)
  • United Kingdom (10.50 EUR)
We ship by DHL. The delivery time is 4-10 days, but depends on the shipping service at the destination country. Cash On Delivery is not possible outside of Germany!

Payment options
How to pay?
  1. Advance payment All discount will be automaticly calculated in the shopping cart.
  2. Credit Card (Mastercard and Visa), We will charge your card account directly after dispatching your order.
  3. Cash On Delivery (COD) Within Germany only!
Please notice: The customer have to pay the Cash On Delivery fee of EUR 5.90 plus EUR 2.00 transfer-fee.

What is the Card Verification Code? (CVV2/CVC2)
The Card Verification Code (CVV2 on VISA / CVC2 on Mastercard) is a safety feature on Credit Cards. It is about a triple-digit verification code on the backside of the Credit Card.